Machinery market to increase the development of fasteners


It is understood that China's construction machinery sales and sales have both beyond the United States, Japan, Germany ranked first in the world; China's construction machinery self-sufficiency rate from the "15" period of about 70%, to the current 80% , And gradually realize the leap from manufacturing to creation. Including a loader, excavator, truck cranes, rollers, forklifts, bulldozers, concrete machinery and a large number of construction machinery products output ranks first in the world, China has become a real world of construction machinery manufacturing power. The rapid development of machinery industry and the huge market size for the fastener industry to provide a broad space for development.

The machinery industry is China's largest industrial sector. In 2011, the total output value of China's machinery industry reached 16.89 trillion yuan. According to customs statistics, import and export of machinery industry was 574.557 billion yuan, up 24.09% from January to November 2011. Among them, , Imports 283.023 billion US dollars, up 23.34%; exports 291.534 billion US dollars, up 24.83 percent; import and export trade surplus of 8.511 billion US dollars.